What are key portals to the digital future ?

What are key portals to the digital future ?
SIPOC multi-stakeholder process map generated by the ProcessHorizon app

The UN-backed Global Digital Compact is a policy framework for digital relations worldwide: https://www.un.org/techenvoy/global-digital-compact

The Global Digital Compact addresses six key aspects:

1. Connectivity

  • Develop and implement policies to ensure universal internet access
  • Facilitate the deployment of digital tools in schools and communities

2. Internet Fragmentation

  • Establish and enforce policies to prevent internet division
  • Collaborate with international partners to maintain a unified global digital space

3. Data Protection

  • Develop and implement data protection policies
  • Provide individuals with options for controlling their data

4. Human Rights Online

  • Implement policies that uphold human rights online
  • Combat discrimination and misleading content

5. Artificial Intelligence Regulation

  • Develop and enforce regulations for ethical AI development and use
  • Promote global cooperation on AI principles

6. Digital Commons

  • Encourage the development of digital technologies as global public goods
  • Promote the use of digital commons for the benefit of all

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