A Cobot for efficient & effective quality management

A Cobot for efficient & effective quality management
SIPOC process map auto generated by the ProcessHorizon web app

A cobot or collaborative robot, also known as a companion robot, is a robot intended for direct human-robot interaction within a shared space or where humans and robots are in close proximity.

My design thinking example is about a cobot assisting in the real-time visual inspection in manufacturing done for the whole population of the value stream throughout the production process. It shows consideration for both the human oversight factor involved in manufacturing processes and the potential benefits of using technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness in quality management.

Efficient Quality Management

Efficiency in quality management refers to achieving the desired level of quality while minimizing resources, time and costs.

Effective Quality Management

Effectiveness in quality management pertains to the ability to achieve the desired quality standards and meet customer requirements. It involves implementing processes, systems and controls that ensure consistent and reliable outcomes that meet or exceed customer expectations. Effectiveness focuses on producing products or services that fulfill their intended purpose and satisfy customer needs and preferences.

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