Changing the process mindset by ProcessHorizon's business process mapping web app

Changing the process mindset by ProcessHorizon's business process mapping web app
eSIPOC methodology architecture

Lean eSIPOC business process mapping facilitated by the ProcessHorizon web app is a paradigm shift over workflow oriented BPMN modeling.

  1. Clarity and focus: Lean eSIPOC focuses on the critical components of a process, such as suppliers, inputs, outputs, and customers and optionally events driving the process. By highlighting these key elements, it brings clarity to process modeling and enables a better understanding of the overall process and information flow. This focused and standardized approach reduces the effort required to document or design a quality process model, while still providing valuable insights into the end-to-end processes.
  2. Multiple Process model dimensions and views: In the ProcessHorizon app inputs and outputs can be defined as document or data type or as part of a value chain like e.g. material, products or services. This type of information provides a data flow and value chain view. The supplier and customer information provides a stakeholder and supply chain view. The end-to-end process flow provides an interaction and collaboration view based on the process owner information. Optional events definition of the process trigger and completion events provide an event-driven process chain view in the ProcessHorizon app.
  3. Faster identification of bottlenecks: Lean eSIPOC helps in quickly identifying potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement within the process. By visualizing the main steps and stakeholders involved, it becomes easier to spot inefficiencies or areas that require attention. This faster identification allows for prompt action and facilitates the implementation of improvements, leading to better results in less time.
  4. Stakeholder alignment: Lean eSIPOC facilitates stakeholder alignment by providing a clear and concise representation of the process via auto generated visual end-to-end process maps. The visual process maps enable stakeholders to understand their roles, dependencies, and the overall flow of the process. This alignment ensures that everyone is on the same page, reducing the effort required for gathering and incorporating stakeholder input. Additionally, by involving stakeholders early on, potential issues or concerns can be addressed proactively, leading to faster and better results.
  5. Flexibility for process iterations: Lean eSIPOC's simplicity and ProcessHorizon's app sophistication make it more agile and adaptable to changes. If adjustments or modifications are needed, they can be made quickly in ProcessHorizon's user interface to update the process repository with instant generation of the respective visual end-to-end process map. This flexibility minimizes the effort required for iterations and allows for continuous process improvements, leading to better results. And last but not least the resulting process documentation in the process repository and the visual process maps will always be consistent and up-to-date.
  6. Process ownership and empowerment: Lean eSIPOC encourages process ownership and empowers employees by involving them directly in the mapping process. Unlike BPMN modeling, which may require external consultants or specialized expertise, Lean eSIPOC can be easily understood and implemented by individuals within the organization. This ownership and empowerment foster a sense of responsibility and accountability, leading to better engagement and results.
  7. No consultancy required: Lean eSIPOC process mapping relies on a simple and intuitive notation that can be grasped without the need for external consultants or expensive and time consuming training programs. The methodology focuses on the fundamental aspects of a process, such as suppliers, inputs, outputs, and customers, which are normally well-known to employees. This eliminates the additional time and cost associated with hiring consultants or undergoing extensive training.
  8. Time and cost savings: By eliminating the need for consultancy and specialized training, Lean eSIPOC implemented by ProcessHorizon saves valuable time and reduces costs. The simplicity of the methodology enables employees to quickly understand and apply it to document or design a process towards an end-to-end process model. This efficiency translates into significant time and cost savings compared to BPMN modeling.
  9. Continuous improvement: Lean eSIPOC fosters a culture of continuous improvement by empowering employees to identify process inefficiencies and propose enhancements. As employees become familiar with the Lean eSIPOC methodology facilitated by the ProcessHorizon web app, they can independently explore new ways to optimize their processes. This iterative and self-driven approach with no need for external expertise saves time and costs and prevents conceivable knowledge drain.
  10. Free web app exploration: ProcessHorizon is the only web app supporting automated  Lean eSIPOC process mapping with instant generation of visual state-of-the-art SIPOC process maps. By scampering this web app, organizations can reduce the effort required to document or design process models from days to minutes, while still benefiting from the multiple insights provided by ProcessHorizon's reporting functionality.

The ProcessHorizon business process mapping web app based on the eSIPOC methodology is thus changing the process mindset.

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