Process Horizon next generation Modeling Architecture

Process Horizon next generation Modeling Architecture
Three tier Process Hierarchy

A holistic enterprise process model should be scalable over multiple process level layers, at strategy, management & working level and support an end-to-end process flow within a process layer.

Process hierarchy supports a macro to micro view of a process model with decomposition e.g. over three process level layers from contextual to operational level decreasing abstraction and increasing the level of detail.

Process & Information flow supports the sequence of processes in the value chain as well as the flow of information from supplier to enterprise to customer.

Build your 3D process model like a Lego house layer by layer & end-to-end.

Explore the smart interactive Process Horizon web app for automated multilayer end-to-end process modeling with a dynamic process navigation dashboard.

Scamper & instantly create your own visual auto generated Process Map step by step to best practice.

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The SIPOC based automated process modeling architecture is supported over three process level layers.