How to model & master your vital processes

use the easy to understand SIPOC+ methodology to model and master your business processes vital to achieving your goals in business and life

imagine your thinking in processes is instantly versed into the process multiverse as you go

explore your textual process notions being instantly projected into a multiverse process vision

if the fundamental building blocks of the process multiverse are conceived as Events, Suppliers, Inputs, Outputs & Customers around processes then projected SIPOC+ diagrams and visual end-to-end Process Maps are its instances for navigation in the process multiverse

any professional or domain expert like Masters of value-adding professions, Carpenters, Process Owners, Quality Managers and Auditors, etc. can pilot beyond static horizons to the dynamic process multiverse  

if you are interested in time travel taking business process modeling & management to the process multiverse please go to the ProcessHorizon Interactive SIPOC+ Process Modeling app  

Process Map example generated by the Process Horizon web app
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