GRC perspective for the banking industry

GRC perspective for the banking industry
SIPOC process map auto generated by the ProcessHorizon web app

To anyone interested in banking management and governance, risk & compliance (GRC) from a stakeholder point of view, I herewith provide a list of my ProcessHorizon blog posts from March 2023 until May 2024.

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AI empowered SOX process model for banking supervision

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Sustainable banking business model processes

Financial literacy in a digital world

How to manage value chain risks at Financial Institutions ?

Anomaly Detection in Financial Transactions by AI ML

Supervisory Stress Testing for systemically important banks

Manage liquidity & bankruptcy risks of a commercial bank 2/2

Manage liquidity & bankruptcy risks of a commercial bank 1/2

Appraise maturity of vital Banking Processes

Manage VaR process at a commercial bank

eBill the digital invoice & payment process

Effective corporate governance rules for listed banks

Conceivable automation of banking processes by AI

Bank rating process

Promoting a safe & stable banking system

Job related process mapping in support of a merger

Retail banking merger of UBS & CS

Manage merger & aquisition due diligence for a big bank takeover

Manage risks at a commercial bank

For easy understanding of the process context, a stakeholder oriented SIPOC process map is usually provided with my blogs to depict the process flow from Source to Destination: Supplier > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer

Remember processes are about transforming input to output generating value to customers. And processes are about doing things while data is about knowing things. The ProcessHorizon web app supports an AllinOne process- & data modeling  SIPOC notation with auto generation of the resulting process maps.

Explore the smart ProcessHorizon web app for holistic automated process mapping: