Frequently asked Questions about the Process Horizon web app

Frequently asked Questions about the Process Horizon web app

Dear enterprising Professionals,

Please find below my notions to FAQs about navigating the process universe (process, data & value flow) to sustainable value creation in line with your organization’s business models.

The ProcessHorizon web app launching automated SIPOC process modeling will help you master the transformation journey to success. Wishing you success !

What’s the purpose of the Process Horizon web app ?

The purpose of this web app is to provide an automated easy to understand and use process modeling app for professionals and subject matter experts by instantly generating a visual end-to-end process map for your incremental process model build.

Process Horizon is the only automated SIPOC process modeling web app that supports three process layers of decomposition and instantly generates process maps from user input. Our cloud platform also stores all process information in a repository for easy access and reporting. With ProcessHorizon, you can easily visualize and optimize your business processes to streamline your operations and increase efficiency. Say goodbye to confusing process maps and hello to intuitive process modeling with ProcessHorizon.

What’s the relevance of business oriented process modeling supporting existing or new business models ?

As the world continues to shift towards a more digital and hybrid way of working, it is imperative for businesses to stay ahead of the game. With the rise of global trends such as the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, the digitization of manufacturing, and the subscription economy, it's critical for businesses to have a plan in place to navigate these changes.

Enter the ProcessHorizon web app - the perfect tool for businesses looking to stay resilient and future-ready. The ProcessHorizon app with its three decomposition layers is designed to help businesses focus on three key pillars: portfolio, operations, and people.

The ProcessHorizon app's portfolio pillar is focused on solving the complexities of hybrid work, protecting customers from security threats, and delivering sustainable solutions. With the ProcessHorizon app, businesses can easily map out their current processes, identify areas of improvement, and create a roadmap for a future-ready portfolio.

The operations pillar is all about simplifying and strengthening a company's core processes, advancing digital transformation, and driving cost efficiencies. The ProcessHorizon app enables businesses to streamline their operations by breaking down complex processes into smaller, more manageable steps. By doing so, businesses can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and create a more efficient and cost-effective workflow.

Finally, the people pillar is focused on staff and culture, with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. With the ProcessHorizon web app, businesses can empower their teams to collaborate more effectively and create an environment where everyone feels valued and included. By doing so, businesses can improve employee satisfaction and productivity, which can lead to better long-term results.

Overall, the ProcessHorizon web app is the key to a future-ready business. By focusing on the three key pillars of portfolio, operations, and people, businesses can stay ahead of the game and be prepared for any challenges that come their way. Try the ProcessHorizon web app today and take the first step towards a future-ready business.

What process modeling methodology is used ?

The time tested business oriented SIPOC notation is used as the universal description language for defining any transformation process by its Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer objects and optionally by its trigger and completion events. The SIPOC notation provides a joint understanding of the source of  process input data and resources needed for process transformation to a target output for its customers. As such it’s implicit process and data modeling in a value chain context.

What are the main functionalities of the Process Horizon app ?

  • facilitates iterative SIPOC process modeling for a process suite over three hierarchy layers which are strategic main process level, management process level and operational subprocess working level
  • for a Six Sigma project, COPIS for a customer focused approach is also supported
  • your process model input will instantly be shown as a visual end-to-end process map e.g. for collaborative modeling with your peers and review with management
  • your hierarchical multi-layer process model is staged in the web app's navigation dashboard for reference and actioning
  • your comprehensive process model is stored in a repository with analytical standard and ad-hoc reporting functionality
  • any changes to your process model are instantly reflected in the relational database and the auto regenerated process maps, implicitly ensuring consistency of the process model documentation (text and visuals)
  • last but not least process risks and controls can be reflected on a separate process layer

What are some specific use cases for the Process Horizon SIPOC process modeling app ?

1.      Vendor selection: SIPOC can be used to evaluate and compare potential vendors based on their capabilities and suitability for a given project or product.

2.      Product design: SIPOC can be used to map out the entire product design process, from ideation to production, and identify areas for improvement or optimization.

3.      Project management: SIPOC can be used to break down complex projects into manageable tasks and workflows, allowing project managers to identify dependencies and track progress more effectively.

4.      Risk assessment: SIPOC can be used to identify and assess risks associated with a particular process or project, allowing organizations to develop contingency plans and mitigation strategies.

5.      Compliance management: SIPOC can be used to map out regulatory requirements and ensure that processes and procedures are in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

6.      Quality management: SIPOC can be used to identify potential quality issues and develop strategies for improving product or service quality.

What are the benefits of the SIPOC process modeling approach ?

1.      Clarity: The SIPOC model provides a clear, visual representation of the process, which can help users understand the process better and reduce confusion and uncertainty.

2.      Confidence: By having a clear understanding of the process, users can feel more confident in their ability to manage and improve it, which can lead to a sense of empowerment.

3.      Control: The SIPOC model can help users identify areas where they have control over the process and areas where they may need to seek additional support or resources.

4.      Collaboration: The SIPOC model is often created collaboratively, which can help users feel more engaged and included in the process and increase teamwork and collaboration.

5.      Accountability: By clearly defining roles and responsibilities in the SIPOC model, users can feel more accountable for their actions and contributions to the process.

The SIPOC notation can be used in all industries and organizations of all sizes from small businesses to large enterprise organizations.

Overall, automated SIPOC can be a versatile tool for mapping out processes and workflows, identifying areas for improvement, and enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the specific benefits of the ProcessHorizon app ?

You will get new insights into your area of interest and expertise while modeling the processes required to achieve your objectives in a value-chain context.

You will get a fully documented SIPOC process model with visual end-to-end process maps to be shared with your stakeholders which could be in the form of a Quality Management Systems manual or a Compliance manual or a Process manual for internal auditing or simply as an extension to your job description.

Where and how is my process model data stored ?

Your password protected data is safely stored in the cloud on an EU server. For organizations there is an option to deploy the ProcessHorizon app in-house.

Why should I get started right away ?

Because building your personal SIPOC process model will sharpen your focus to achieve your objectives in a wider context, i.e. your process horizon and will put you on a voyage to new horizons like e.g. AI enabled digital processes.

And never was it easier to build a state-of-the-art process model and get auto generated visual end-to-end process maps to achieve best practices. The automated SIPOC process modeling approach is basically self-explaining with no need for consultancy. With the Process Horizon web app, a process can swiftly be defined in minutes and a process suite for an end-to-end process flow as part of a multi-layered process model within a few hours. The flexible interactive app design supports an incremental process model approach from IPO to SIPOC and events-driven as suitable to your purpose.

Time invested in process modeling will immediately pay off as your personal compass in a changing world of how value is created in a sustainable way (value-, risk-, quality & compliance-wise).

And remember: smart and sustainable processes make the world a better place.

Overall, SIPOC process modeling automated by the ProcessHorizon app can help organizations thrive by providing a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to external consultancy, while building internal capacity and expertise in process management and improvement. This can help organizations become more efficient, effective, and innovative, ultimately leading to improved performance and greater success.

There is a free trial option in the ProcessHorizon app to scamper your process notions and instantly get a process map to be saved as a pdf document as take away. However in trial mode, your data might be deleted after three months. For on-going professional usage with permanent storage of your process model data a subscription license will be offered.

ProcessHorizon's intuitive and easy-to-use automated SIPOC process modeling interface makes it easy for anyone to create a comprehensive process model and get visual process maps all in one.

Experience the versatility of the smart ProcessHorizon web app on a free trial basis.