Doing business vs. business development

Doing business vs. business development
Process map generated by the ProcessHorizon web app

This business process map illustrates the conventional business paradigm of doing business vs. business development to make a better business. Business development should be a constant process to identify new business opportunities and generate business resp. customer value in a sustainable way which should translate to standardized value creation at scale for a growing business.

Eventually, most work effort (incl. basic management tasks) can be automated by AI and workflow management will thus become more or less obsolete.

However the goal of business development to maximize business resp. customer value in a sustainable way will remain a vital entrepreneurial mission.

Mainstream BPMN process modeling tools favored by consultants focus on work and work flows whereas ProcessHorizon’s automated SIPOC process modeling app is well suited to support the design of business development strategies and their implementation on a tiered layer model.

Speed, simplicity, and sophistication bundled to mastery is an entrepreneur’s goal and ProcessHorizon’s DNA.

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