Climate change governance process model

Climate change governance process model
SIPOC process map auto generated by the ProcessHorizon web app

Effective climate governance requires collaboration and coordination among various actors such as United Nations, Government Agencies & Ministries as well as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Scientific Research & Advisory Bodies and Private Sector Engagement with an emphasis on transparency, accountability and the incorporation of the latest scientific knowledge into policy decisions.

1.     Data Collection Process

Deploy sensors, collect real-time data, validate data quality, ensure compliance with standards.

2.     Data Analysis Process

Clean and preprocess data, apply statistical analyses, conduct machine learning modeling.

3.     Modeling Process

Develop cause and effect climate models, simulate future scenarios, integrate feedback.

4.     Collaboration Process

Share data and findings, gather feedback, incorporate expert insights.

5.     Continuous Improvement Process

Assess current processes, identify areas for improvement, implement changes.

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