Circular business model for expired medications

Circular business model for expired medications
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The Circular Business Model for expired medications demonstrates how expired medications are collected, processed, and repurposed or recycled, contributing to a more sustainable approach to medication waste management or redistribution for near-expiry medications.

Collection and inventory segregation

  • Healthcare institutions like hospitals, clinics and pharmacies collect expired medications from their facilities.
  • The medications are segregated based on type and packaging.

Reverse logistics

  • Transportation providers are engaged to collect the expired medications from the inventory.
  • The medications are transported to a centralized processing facility.

Sorting and categorization

  • At the central processing facility, the expired medications are sorted and categorized based on composition and suitability.

Recycling or repurposing

  • Medications suitable for recycling undergo a controlled and regulated recycling process.
  • Medications suitable for repurposing are evaluated for alternative uses.

Such a circular business model for expired medications could be master minded by the WHO and be implemented nationally also for redistribution of near-expiry medications on a global scale.

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