Manage Cause & Effect in SIPOC process modeling

Manage Cause & Effect in SIPOC process modeling
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Interpretation of the causal diagram for SIPOC based process management.

Suppliers => Process Input Quality => Process Performance => Process Efficiency => Process Output Quality => Customer Satisfaction

1. Suppliers determine the Input quality

  • Suppliers provide the raw materials or components, services and data that are inputs to the process.
  • The quality of these inputs directly affects the overall quality of the process.

2. Process Input quality impacts process performance

  • The quality of inputs significantly influences how well the process can perform.
  • Higher-quality inputs often result in smoother and more efficient process execution.

3. Process efficiency impacts process Output quality

  • The efficiency of the process, including how well it is designed and executed, directly affects the quality of the outputs.
  • A well-optimized and efficient process is more likely to produce high-quality results.

4. Process output quality influences Customer satisfaction

  • The quality of the final outputs from the process has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Satisfied customers are more likely to be loyal and may contribute to positive word-of-mouth, which can benefit the overall business.

Suppliers <= Inputs <= PROCESS => Outputs => Customers

To ensure process effectiveness, the process owner must manage both the input as well as the output side of a process.

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