AI leverage by process mapping

AI leverage by process mapping
ProcessHorizon process mapping 

Process thinking and process mapping is a mental process similar to learning the alphabet. The crux is that any qualified business professional or subject matter expert can learn the alphabet of smart process mapping and design based on the SIPOC notation to reach process momentum.

In the old days, process (re-) engineering was considered a dark science to be managed by time-consuming and costly management consultants resulting in Word Processing Centers, Shared Service Centers and outsourcing process paradigms, etc. to name a few. With the advent of AI, most of these processes can be performed by AI bots instantly at minimal cost and max service quality.

The challenge now is to design a holistic and transparent process model in consideration of the implementation of responsible AI bots for your business.

The SIPOC methodology provides a business oriented integrated view of a process from source or supplier to destination or customer defining the process inputs and outputs in terms of information, data and value streams for a single process to a process chain over multiple process hierarchies as needed.

Automated SIPOC process mapping enabled by the ProcessHorizon web app is your smart tool for process leverage in the age of AGI for all professionals with subject matter expertise.

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