The SIPOC nesting doll process model architecture

The SIPOC nesting doll process model architecture
Layered process model architecture by the ProcessHorizon app

Source / Supplier > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer / Destination

A complex model as e.g. the IIA performance standards can only be fully understood by distinguishing between levels of abstraction from macro to micro view.

Professional practice standards as illustrated by the ProcessHorizon navigation dashboard (on the left of the app screen shot) can be used as basis for a customized process model.  

The layered process model architecture of the ProcessHorizon app supports three process layers or hierarchy levels for strategy, management and eventually the operational or working level.    

Improvements can be found and made at all levels but their impact is normally highest at the top. Expand the horizons of best practice process activities, maybe by starting to review the events sensors.

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