Waste Sorting for Better Recycling and a Cleaner & Healthier World

Waste Sorting for Better Recycling and a Cleaner & Healthier World
Process map generated by the ProcessHorizon web app

Waste management as we know it in Switzerland is to my experience non-existent in Asia and there is a huge opportunity to provide know-how and infrastructure for a billion dollar waste recycling business.

The basic process map provided re waste sorting for better recycling should promote a process mindset among all stakeholders to think about and adopt effective & sustainable waste management policies & regulations supporting circular economy principles:

  1. Waste collection: Waste is collected from households, businesses, and industries and brought to recycling centers or collection points.
  2. Waste sorting: Advanced sorting technologies and manual labor are used to separate different types of waste based on composition, size, and shape.
  3. Public education: Public education campaigns inform individuals about proper waste sorting practices and the benefits of recycling.
  4. Waste labeling: Clear and standardized labels on recycling bins guide people on what materials to place in each bin.
  5. Auditing of waste management practices: Waste audits are conducted periodically to identify inefficiencies and contamination issues.
  6. Waste infrastructure Management: Recycling centers and facilities are managed and maintained for efficient waste processing.
  7. Collaboration: Partnerships with industries, nonprofits, and local governments promote sustainable practices and innovation.
  8. Policies & regulations: Governments enact and enforce policies that encourage waste reduction, recycling and proper disposal.

As an easy starting point, just think about paying one cent for every PET or glass bottle properly returned to a business outlet or public collection point.

Via the following link you can access this sandbox process model on the ProcessHorizon web app and easily adapt it, i.e. customize it to your needs and design your winning process model with implicit visual process map all in one: