Trusted AI systems design by ProcessHorizon

Trusted AI systems design by ProcessHorizon
The ProcessHorizon web app for smart process modeling with auto generated visual process maps

The ProcessHorizon web app for AllinOne data & process modeling in SIPOCe notation with instantly auto generated visual process maps as a catalyst for developers, customers and users as well as for organizations and companies.

SIPOC data & process flow from source to destination:                                           Supplier > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer

SIPOCe supports modeling of the event-driven process chain.  

1. To AI systems developers

Envision AI engineers, analysts and decision-makers grappling with the challenge of understanding and optimizing complex AI systems with atomistic data management tools ignoring the business context.

With a smart AllinOne data & process modeling web app based on the SIPOC notation, the cross-functional team can gain a holistic end-to-end view of the envisaged AI system and processes, from data acquisition to model development and to eventual AI solution deployment. This empowers everyone to contribute and to identify inefficiencies, streamline workflows and make informed decisions based on data and process insights. By automated visual process mapping, changes to the joint data and process model are instantly reflected in the visual process map for enhanced collaboration supporting an agile development lifecycle.

AI systems developers without a holistic understanding of the envisaged process context for deployment might design flawed AI systems not meeting customer requirements.

2. To customers relying on AI solutions

For customers incorporating AI technologies into their operations or end users navigating AI systems, the significance of holistic visual end-to-end process maps in stakeholder oriented  SIPOC notation is transformative.

AI solution providers can use the automated visual process mapping capabilities to showcase the transparency and robustness of their AI systems to customers. This instills trust, as customers can see the joint data and process flow and the algorithms used in a clear and an easy-to-understand format. By leveraging the automagically generated visual process maps, companies can deliver AI solutions that align with customer expectations, drive business value, and elevate the customer experience to new heights.

Customers and users need to understand the end-to-end process context of the AI system to make an informed decision on its risks & use.

3. To companies shaping AI strategies

At a strategic level within organizations, embracing AllinOne data & process modeling in SIPOC notation on three decomposition levels supports a seamless business architecture from strategic business model to management & operational processes. The comprehensive process model is automatically stored in the company cloud repository for further analysis on all model objects.  

Automated visual process mapping is the catalyst for driving AI innovation & competitiveness. Companies can optimize AI processes, accelerate development cycles and foster collaboration among cross-functional teams in real-time.

This tool enables companies to adapt to changing market dynamics, mitigate risks and capitalize on AI opportunities with agility and precision. By harnessing the power of automated process visualization, organizations can scale AI initiatives, achieve operational excellence and drive sustainable growth in the AI ecosystem.

Trustworthy AI systems, AI products & services must be supported by visual process maps preferably in holistic stakeholder oriented SIPOC notation throughout the AI lifecycle.

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