The magical AI triangle

The magical AI triangle
The magical AI triangle: Stakeholders, Data & Processes 

What’s the relevance and value of data without process context ?

Does data need process context to be relevant and of value to stakeholders ?

Do risks depend on how processes are deployed ?

Are process maps a prerequisite for any risk assessment of AI systems, product & services development & deployment ?

Are SIPOC process maps: Supplier > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer  most suitable for all stakeholders ?

A visual process map acts as a guiding compass, safely navigating you towards new horizons and reaching your destination.

The beneficial relationships in the  magical AI triangle

  • Stakeholders use & consume data
  • Stakeholders provide data
  • Stakeholders direct processes
  • Stakeholders use processes
  • Data informs Stakeholders
  • Data feeds Processes
  • Processes consume data
  • Processes produce & transform data
  • Processes enable stakeholders

Just like energy fuels the powertrain of a vehicle, data fuels the processes within an organization & stakeholders are driving the direction & outcomes of these processes.

The whole is thus much more than the sum of its parts.

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