Starting a new job is challenging

Starting a new job is challenging
Starting a new job is a good opportunity to learn about the organization's work processes

Your first task will be to meet your new colleagues, and learn about the organization's mission & goals and the processes which enable & power the business model.

As you will get to know your new professional colleagues and their work & responsibilities, there will be a great opportunity to connect and build trust by asking questions about their work processes.

An easy to understand and to use process modeling methodology is SIPOC propagated by the process-based ISO 9001 QMS standard.

SIPOC notation:    Supplier > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer

Asking basic questions about the business processes like who are your suppliers and what are the crucial inputs and what are the output requirements of the customers and what are the process challenges will show the interest in your new work environment and help you to establish a good and trustful relationship with your new colleagues. Taking notes of your colleagues' process notions, albeit fuzzy at first will enable you to subsequently review & interactively map the processes and create an end-to-end process model on the fly with the smart Process Horizon web app. In subsequent peer reviews based on the visual Process Maps auto generated by the Process Horizon web app, the process model and its inherent visual Process Maps can then be iteratively but instantly be finalized to good practice providing a full multilayer business process documentation.

Going the extra mile acquiring a holistic & common understanding of the organization's business processes will give you and the organization a lasting edge.

Any changes to the process model can be done on the process definition layer and will be instantly applied to the visual process map and recorded in the process repository. Rearrangements of processes in the three tier process architecture or changes in the process sequence can be done instantly with full consistency of all process model information always ensured. Whereas with conventional process modeling tools you will become a drawing artist, with the next generation Process Horizon web app you will become a go to expert & Process Champion.  

Remember without process excellence, no business excellence.

Wishing you success with free hands-on trial of the Process Horizon web app