Smart process mapping for subject matter expert Professionals

Smart process mapping for subject matter expert Professionals
ProcessHorizon web app

The premise of automated process design by ProcessHorizon is to create an actionable process model with minimal effort and max impact across an organization.

Dear SME Professionals,

Subject matter expertise and Small & Medium sized Enterprises go together like left and right shoe. Caveat, subject matter experts with a passion for customer value can also be found in large organizations.

ProcessHorizon is the smart tool for iterative process design, review and publication and supports the entire process lifecycle from strategy definition and blueprinting, walkthrough testing & validation to communication and staff training.

The SIPOC process modeling notation expanded by events as propagated by ProcessHorizon leverages a standardized design framework (cf. ISO9001) that defines a set of elements, rules, and conventions for modeling (business) processes. The novel SIPOC methodology implemented by ProcessHorizon supports the creation of a comprehensive hierarchical process model scalable on three decomposition levels from strategy to management to the operational layer.

The intuitive process design enabled by the SIPOC & event notation and automated by the ProcessHorizon app, will be augmented based on your interactive process modeling specifications recorded in the process repository by instantly generating a visual end-to-end process map.

SIPOCe process modeling & mapping notation:

> Trigger Event to Completion Event <

Supplier (source) > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer (destination)

The ProcessHorizon all in one view of process, data, value chain, collaboration & stakeholders ensures that enterprise architectures can be captured in its completeness and from various aspects providing a holistic process view for all stakeholders.

The SIPOC process design methodology propagated by ProcessHorizon is business oriented, and independent of a software vendor solution, focusing on value creation streams from supplier source to customer destination.

It is in this process object oriented context that SIPOC based Business Process Modeling & Management appears as a change management skill. As such SIPOC process design thinking is a skill related to modelling, mapping, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of the flow of business' activities in order to achieve company goals, involving systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the organization.

A documented process model with visual end-to-end process maps depicting the sequence, relationships and dependencies is a prerequisite for holistic insights & management regarding strategy, risks and opportunities like e.g. improvements on quality, productivity and competitiveness as well as transparency and compliance with standards, policies and regulatory requirements across the organization.

For start-ups or organizations in transition to a new business model, it's vital to develop a viable process model for their envisaged business model demonstrating how value is created and delivered to its potential customers.

Never was it easier to design a stringent process or a process suite or a hierarchical process model as developed and published with over 100 basic use cases from different industries like banking, electricity, oil, shipping, transport, air & space travel, green and circular economy, government services like municipal, school & library management, pension fund management or visa application processing in domains like business acumen, AI automation, data privacy management, accounting & financial reporting requirements, auditing, quality management, risk management, compliance management and governance, etc.

Remember that subject matter expert professionals in business, governments and beyond are the backbones of our economies and culture.

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