SIPOC Process based Costing Matrix

SIPOC Process based Costing Matrix
SIPOC process costing matrix

A SIPOC process costing matrix is a variation of the standard SIPOC matrix tailored specifically for understanding the cost aspects of a process. It helps organizations analyze and document the cost-related components of a process.

This SIPOC process costing matrix serves as a tool for understanding how costs flow through a process, enabling better cost management and potential cost reduction or optimization efforts. It can be particularly useful in cost accounting, process improvement, and financial analysis.

  1. Supplier: This column identifies the entities or sources responsible for providing resources, materials, or services that have cost implications for the process. Suppliers can be internal or external to the organization.
  2. Input: In this column, you list the specific cost-related inputs required for the process. These inputs could include raw materials, labor hours, equipment, utilities, and any other resources that incur costs.
  3. Process: Describe the steps or activities involved in the process, with a focus on how costs are incurred or managed at each stage of the process.
  4. Output: Specify the cost-related outputs of the process. These outputs could be products, services, or deliverables that have associated costs.
  5. Customer: Identify the individuals, departments, or entities that receive the outputs of the process and bear the cost implications.

Insights from holistic SIPOC process costing can promote value based management (VBM).

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