Unlock your creativity with savvy business process design

Unlock your creativity with savvy business process design

With the SIPOC enabled Process Horizon web tool, professionals can fully focus on the process notion and its business oriented relational definition of a real world process:

Supplier/Origin > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer/Destination

Input to or Ouput from a process can be documents, data or material, goods or services value chain objects.

Furthermore events that trigger and complete a process can be defined towards an events-driven process chain.

The SIPOC notation as propagated by the ISO 9001 QMS standard is intuitively understandable by various stakeholders and can be communicated by visual graphical end-to-end Process Maps over multiple process layers.

Last but not least, any type of process be it business or technical or any results-oriented activities can be modeled using the flawless SIPOC methodology. Unlock your lateral thinking creativity to logical process modeling.

Explore the new multi-layer end-to-end process modeling app tool with automatic generation of visual Process flowchart diagrams & Process Maps based on your SIPOC objects data. The SIPOC notation explicitly supports an integrated data and process flow view as well as an explicit information flow with analytical app reporting.  

Free hands-on trial of the Process Horizon web app: https://processhorizon.com

Process Map example generated by the Process Horizon web app