Simplicity trumps complexity

Simplicity trumps complexity

Easy to use & fun to use with some magic, that’s ProcessHorizon proposing a novel smart way of Business Process Modeling towards a lean organization.

Having automated the easy to use and understand SIPOC process definition methodology with inbuilt intelligence enables every professional to model his subject matter processes much better and faster than any other BPM solution on the market. The sophisticated simplicity of the ProcessHorizon app design means that no consultancy is required to get state-of-the-art process models in support of your business models.

ProcessHorizon has adopted a stringent methodology focusing on the key SIPOC & events objects to define business process reality (as is or to be)

Supplier (Source) > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer (Destination)

supporting three hierarchy levels, i.e. a strategic, management and operational layer and

providing a visual end-to-end Process Map generated on the fly from your model input as you go (sort of magic & fun) and

last but not least provides a comprehensive repository for your documentation and reporting needs.

The visual Process Map can be used in a remote teams’ modeling session for a joint modeling approach and review during the online session and subsequent distribution to all stakeholders.

ProcessHorizon provides thus pervasive Business Process Modeling functionality in a compact app saving you time and money.

Unleash your creativity and experience sophisticated simplicity using the smart ProcessHorizon web app