Leveraging the Schengen visa application process map

Leveraging the Schengen visa application process map
Schengen tourist visa application process

As of today the Schengen visa application process used by the 26 Schengen area countries is a paper-based process with face to face interactions as shown by the ProcessHorizon web app from a customer resp. visa requester viewpoint.

The Schengen visa application process is the same for all Schengen area countries and the information about the requirements for the different visa types are available from the respective Embassy websites.

Because the paper-based Schengen visa application process is an offline process, it is time consuming and cumbersome taking several hours to complete and last but not least is not scalable which means that a doubling of visa applications will translate to a four to ten times longer processing time, i.e. months instead of the 15 days standard processing time.  

In our web 4.0 times, there is a great opportunity to take the offline Schengen visa application process to an integrated online web app solution supporting document uploads by the visa requester and instant review by the Visa application service provider saving at least 1 hour by visa application. With an estimated 15 millions Schengen visa applications per year worldwide, a saving of about 625'000 person days or of about 1.5 billion EUR is conceivable. Furthermore such an online process would be scalable to varying volumes and Schengen visa application processing could be further automated and be accelerated meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.  

Vital insights about bottlenecks and shortcomings of current processes can be gained by making use of a visual grafical end-to-end process map as provided by the interactive ProcessHorizon web app. The next step would be to design the to be processes resp. a new end-to-end process map for an integrated online web app enabling a swift implementation.

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