ProcessHorizon AI agency vision

ProcessHorizon AI agency vision
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The smart ProcessHorizon web app for Business Professionals & Subject Matter Experts & Domain Experts

ProcessHorizon is the smart app for AllinOne process- & data modeling in stakeholder oriented SIPOC notation with auto visual process mapping in support of quality & risk management & compliance as well as governance of AI project developments & AI solution deployments.

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Business Architects, Programme Managers, Project Managers, Product Managers, Service Managers, Production Managers, Supply Managers, Procurement Managers, HR Managers, Education Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Distribution Managers, Communications Managers

Process Managers, Process Owners, Data Managers, Data Owners, Quality Management Managers, Risk Management Managers, Compliance Managers, Regulatory Managers, Sustainability Managers, Audit Managers, C-level Officers, Board Members.

ProcessHorizon AI agency vision

The ProcessHorizon vision for smart SIPOC process modeling & auto process mapping is to provide a structured AllinOne process & data architecture framework that ensures responsible, trustworthy, transparent, reliable and resilient AI systems development and solution deployment to stakeholders.

By systematically modeling & auto mapping the process & data value flow from source to destination, i.e.

from Suppliers > Inputs > Processes > Outputs > to Customers

this easy to understand approach fosters clarity, alignment with stakeholder needs, risk identification and mitigation, transparency, accountability and continuous improvement throughout the AI lifecycle.

Through stakeholder oriented visual E2E process maps, we envision AI systems that prioritize ethical considerations, address real-world challenges and deliver value while balancing risks & benefits for individuals and society.

Should users and stakeholders of AI products and services receive essential insights through visual process maps that detail the origins of information, the algorithms employed, and the destinations of information, throughout the development & deployment of AI systems & solutions ?

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