NextGen paradigm of business process modeling and documentation

NextGen paradigm of business process modeling and documentation
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Dear fellow change agents,

I am proposing to you a nextGen paradigm of business process modeling and documentation for effective Business Process Management (BPM).

With Automated Intelligence (AI) applied to the SIPOC methodology, process modeling & documentation is taken to the next level of productivity.

With Automated Process Design Intelligence (APDI), it is like Computer-aided Process Design (CAPD) where your SIPOC objects definitions are instantly recorded in a process repository and a visual SIPOC diagram and a multilayer end-to-end Process Map will emerge as your process model is expanded.

Walk the talk means that based on a process walkthrough, a process can be designed intuitively with minimal effort but immediate results. Initially outlining your process with Input, Process & Output (IPO) object information, it can be refined collaboratively to a full SIPOC+ (Events inclusive) holistic process model.

SIPOC notation:      Supplier > Input > PROCESS > Output > Customer

With the SIPOC methodology there are no separate information and process views as there is an integrated view of the information and process flows.

Process hierarchies representing the level of granularity or level of detail are reflected in the dynamic Process Navigation Dashboard. There are three distinct process layers tied to each other by the parent relationship which are                                        1) Main Process MP strategy level,                                                                                        2) Process PR management level and                                                                                    3) Subprocess SP operational working level

Furthermore specific analytical reports can be run from the process repository. It’s the magic of simplicity of the SIPOC notation leveraged by the sophistication of an augmented process design architecture.

I am trying to promote a new way of smart auto visual process modeling and repository based documentation. With such an integrated approach visual Process Maps and textual process documentation will implicitly always be in line and up-to-date.

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Process Map example auto generated by the Process Horizon web app