Navigating a bank's stakeholder dilemma

Navigating a bank's stakeholder dilemma
SIPOC process map auto generated by the ProcessHorizon web app

A bank's multi-stakeholder dilemma must be addressed in business model design of how to balance money supply and demand in the best interest of lenders and borrowers as well as of other stakeholders.    

Based on three examples I will demonstrate the stakeholder dilemma in total value creation vs. value appropriation to individual stakeholders:

  1. Partner with FinTech companies with a win-win mindset
  2. Sustain Wealth Management with an implicit win-loss mindset
  3. Selling dressed up FinProducts with an implicit loss-loss mindset

A business model's resilience is vital in a multi-stakeholder context and must be the foundation of AI product & services development and deployment.

Using the following link you can access this sandbox SIPOC data & process model in the ProcessHorizon web app and adapt it to your needs (easy customizing) and export or print the automagically created visual AllinOne process map as a PDF document or share it with your peers: