Manage flight passenger processing

Manage flight passenger processing
Process map generated by the ProcessHorizon web app

What are the passenger handling processes from check-in at airline, security check and passport control to flight boarding at the gate ?

  1. Check-in flight passenger at airline counter: Verification of travel documents, issuance of boarding pass, check-in of baggage
  2. Manage security check: Screening of passengers and their belongings, X-ray scanning, metal detection
  3. Manage passport control: Verification of passports, examination of boarding passes, immigration clearance
  4. Manage boarding at flight gate: Boarding announcement, document verification, boarding sequence, security check (if applicable)

The processes mapped above outline the main elements and interactions involved for each process, but the actual detailed steps may vary depending on specific airport procedures and regulations.

Passengers may encounter various problems and bottlenecks during air travel departure or arrival handling as e.g. long waiting times at each station for a total passenger processing time of anything between two to four hours currently.

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