From "Knowledge is power" to GenAI is actionable Insights

From "Knowledge is power" to GenAI is actionable Insights
SIPOC process map generated by the ProcessHorizon app

Francis Bacon's famous assertion "Knowledge is power" takes on a renewed significance with the emergence of technologies like ChatGPT. In the contemporary landscape, the synergy of big data and AI algorithms transcends traditional notions, transforming knowledge into actionable insights. With the advent of GenAI, fewer human knowledge workers will be required for tasks such as information gathering, analysis and problem-solving. Instead, the focus shifts towards the necessity of knowledge managers for effective decision-making.

However, as GenAI displaces a considerable number of knowledge workers, attention is drawn to the implications for value-added tax (VAT) on AI products and services. The evolving role of human expertise in conjunction with AI prompts critical considerations regarding the taxation of these innovative solutions brought about by AI products and AI services.

Is AI basically automated process intelligence based on big data ?

In order to promote responsible & trustworthy development & deployment of AI products and services, it is crucial to provide a visual SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers) processmap for communication to all stakeholders. The stakeholder oriented end2end SIPOC processmodeling methodology ensures that every stage of development is transparent & accountable.

Using the following link you can access this sandbox process model in the ProcessHorizon web app and adapt it to your needs (easy customizing) and export or print the automagically created visual process map as a PDF document or share it with your peers: