Human agency process model for responsible & trustworthy AI

Human agency process model for responsible & trustworthy AI
SIPOC process model auto generated by the ProcessHorizon web app

An agency model for AI products & services involves the structure and processes by which an organization delivers and manages its artificial intelligence offerings.

Safeguarding human agency in the age of AI involves implementing measures and strategies as well as a stakeholder oriented SIPOC process model to ensure that individuals retain control, autonomy and decision-making power in the face of advancing artificial intelligence.

This agency model emphasizes a holistic approach to AI product & service development, encompassing technical excellence, ethical considerations, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

1. Define AI strategy aligned with ethical principles

2. Engage stakeholders in AI decision-making

3. Integrate ethical principles into AI design

4. Design AI systems with human-in-the-loop capabilities

5. Conduct regular audits on AI algorithms

6. Implement transparent AI systems with explanations

7. Implement privacy protection measures

8. Continuously monitor and evaluate AI system performance

9. Provide ongoing education on AI ethics

10.   Conduct ethical reviews for AI initiatives

11.   Launch public awareness initiatives

12.   Monitor societal impact post-deployment

13.   Ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards

Using the following link you can access this sandbox process model in the ProcessHorizon web app and adapt it to your needs (easy customizing) and export or print the automagically created visual process map as a PDF document or share it with your peers: