Business transformation through Process transformation

Processes are the heart and bloodline of your business, aren’t they ?

Getting your processes better aligned to your business model is a critical success factor, isn’t it ?

Thus it’s vital to get everyone on board with a multilayer end-to-end Process Map across organizational levels

Design a multilayer end-to-end process model based on the state-of-the art SIPOC methodology (propagated by ISO9001) on the strategic, management and working levels

Define your vital processes by their SIPOC Process objects and inherent process dynamics of hierarchy and flow within your process universe and get instantly a visual SIPOC diagram generated and as you go a visual Process Map generated for your organization’s process model

Validate and refine your process model with all stakeholders and take it to a more detailed design level as suitable

As your business and organization changes, so will your processes which might mean new process have to be implemented or modified or the process sequence will change or processes will be transferred to another division, etc.

For compliance, use an integrated Business Process Modeling tool ensuring the process documentation and visual Process Maps are always in line and auditable

Eventually, based on a holistic Process Map, identify process opportunities to be leveraged e.g. by new process technologies to transform your business

With the Process Horizon app, you as a process owner and business professional as e.g. a Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, Operations Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, HR Manager, IT Manager, Controlling Manager, F&A Manager, Audit Manager, etc. can do it in seconds (process changes), minutes (new process), hours (process suite) and days (full process documentation with visual multilayer e2e Process Map).

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Process Map example generated by the Process Horizon web app
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