Banking process blogs & posts

Banking process blogs & posts
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Dear stakeholders in banking,

Please find below my recent blogs and posts re management, governance and oversight in banking. You might find the basic and generic process information reflected in the respective visual end2end process maps helpful for your holistic understanding of some fundamental banking processes and risks to be managed and regulated adequately to prevent further bank failures.

Equator Principles for responsible AI development projects

Manage liquidity & bankruptcy risks of a commercial bank 2/2

Manage liquidity & bankruptcy risks of a commercial bank 1/2

Appraise maturity of vital Banking Processes

Manage VaR process at a commercial bank

eBill the digital invoice & payment process

Effective corporate governance rules for listed banks

Conceivable automation of banking processes by AI

Bank rating process

Promoting a safe & stable banking system through effective regulations & supervision

Job related process mapping in support of a merger

Retail banking merger of UBS & CS

Manage merger & aquisition due diligence for a big bank takeover

Manage risks at a commercial bank

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