Automated SIPOC process mapping via the all-in-one ProcessHorizon web app

Automated SIPOC process mapping via the all-in-one ProcessHorizon web app
ProcessHorizon web app for automated process design and process mapping

Step 1: Access the ProcessHorizonWeb app

Step 2: Identify process context for your envisaged SIPOC process model and enter Organization or Project name

Step 3: Select +New Process

Step 4: Identify the process to be mapped and enter Process name (verb + object)

Step 5: Select appropriate Process level within hierarchical three layers process architecture, i.e. either of

○ strategy Main Process level (MP)

○ management Process level (PR)

○ operational Subprocess level (SP)

Step 6: For a process on PR or SP level, select the Parent Process and/or the Predecessor Process within each process layer as applicable (instantly see process hierarchy and process flow in navigation dashboard for your process model)

Step 7: Add Process trigger event and Process completion event if applicable

Step 8: Add Supplier name (source of process input)

Step 9: Add Input, i.e. either of the following three types of input: Document, Data or Value Chain (e.g. raw material or services resource)

Step 10: Add Output, i.e. either of Document, Data or Value Chain (product or service, etc.)

Step 11: Add Customer name (destination of output), i.e. internal or external recipients or stakeholders

Step 12: Choose Process Map on ProcessHorizon menu and select processes to be included in process map

Instant benefits of the interactive all-in-one ProcessHorizon app:

- Dynamic navigation dashboard depicting process hierarchy and flow for process viewing, editing and process map customization

- Process mapping diagram instantly automagically created from your SIPOCe process information provided and pdf print or export option for end-to-end process map

- Easy to understand SIPOCe notation and comprehensive methodology for process design and redesign e.g. with peers in online session

- Implicit process documentation from process repository in line with process map

- Instant reporting available with different standard views like e.g. Events-driven Process chain, Input-Output Dataflow, Process data by Process Owner, SIPOC Elements, Stakeholder analysis

- Sharing function for your process model and process maps with read-only or editable link

- Automated SIPOC process design and process mapping via the ProcessHorizon web app means sophisticated simplicity unique to every professional

- Proof of concept & usability with uses cases across many industries for various professions & activities

Using the following link you can access this sandbox process model in the ProcessHorizon web app and adapt it to your needs (easy customizing) and export or print the automagically created visual process map as a PDF document or share it with your peers: