Air Traffic Control process resiliency

Air Traffic Control process resiliency
Process map with risk & mitigation events generated by the ProcessHorizon web app.

1. Prevention & mitigation strategies
Identifying and addressing process risks allows you to take proactive measures to prevent or minimize potential issues before they occur. This can save you time, money, and resources that would otherwise be spent addressing the consequences of these risks.

2. Minimizing disruptions
Process risks, if materializing, can lead to disruptions in your operations, projects, or tasks. By considering these risks, you can put in place strategies to mitigate their impact and keep your processes running smoothly.

3. Contingency planning
For risks that cannot be completely prevented, develop contingency plans. These plans outline what actions will be taken if the risk occurs. Having well-defined contingency plans can help minimize the negative impact and reduce downtime.

Process risk modeling & mapping in ProcessHorizon
Inherent process risks like systems failure can be modeled and mapped as potential negative events. Specific process risks and process controls can explicitly be modeled and mapped on the subprocess level to the respective process.

Automated SIPOCe process mapping enabled by the ProcessHorizon web app is your smart tool for process leverage in the age of AGI for all professionals with subject matter expertise.

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