AI use case horizon

AI use case horizon
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A stakeholder value model is a framework used by organizations to consider the interests and contributions of all stakeholders involved in or affected by their operations. Implementing a stakeholder value model requires a shift in mindset from a purely profit-driven approach to a more holistic view of business success. Companies adopting this model often aim to achieve not only financial profitability but also positive social and environmental impacts, fostering a more sustainable and resilient business model in the long term.

1. Predictive Maintenance Systems

  • Win for Maintenance Teams: AI-driven predictive maintenance systems analyze equipment sensor data to predict potential failures before they occur, enabling proactive maintenance interventions and minimizing downtime.
  • Win for Companies: By reducing unplanned downtime and equipment failures, companies can optimize operational efficiency, extend equipment lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

2. Automated Trading Algorithms

  • Win for Traders: AI-driven trading algorithms analyze market data, identify trends and execute trades at high speed, enabling traders to capitalize on market opportunities and potentially generate higher returns.
  • Loss for Traditional Traders: Automated trading algorithms can outperform human traders in terms of speed and efficiency, leading to reduced demand for traditional trading services and potential job displacement.
  • ATA Downside risks on Virtual Markets: Increased Market Volatility, Market Manipulation and Systemic Risks, Regulatory & Oversight Challenges

3. AI-Driven Surveillance Systems

  • Loss for Privacy: AI-powered surveillance systems analyze vast amounts of data from cameras, sensors and social media to monitor and track individuals' movements, behaviors and activities, raising concerns about privacy violations and civil liberties.
  • Loss for Civil Liberties: Widespread deployment of AI-driven surveillance systems can erode individuals' rights to privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, leading to increased surveillance and potential abuse of power by authorities.

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